Friday, May 2, 2014

To Try List May 2014

May 2014 To Try List

Every week it seems another amazing restaurant opens in Atlanta. I feel the urge to try them all and often have a hard time keeping up with where I want to go on any given night. I also struggle with revisiting old favorites or neighborhood spots. To remedy this, last year I started a "to try" list so I have go to ideas for nights out. With a new baby at home, we will have to carefully plan our nights out. I am not going to waste a sitter on just any old meal, so I have planned ahead. Here are a few places I plan to go in the coming months:
  • Kimball House- Decatur (I have been waiting to try the oysters and the cocktails!)
  • Better Half- Midtown-I had the pleasure of trying thier supper club, I can't wait to have dinner!
  • St. Cecilia- Buckhead-I love Ford Fry and Mediteranean/ seafood so why not?
  • Ration and Dram- Kirkwood- I have also been waiting on this one until I could have a beer!
What's on your list?

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