About Me

I am from Asheville, NC but grew up in Atlanta. After living in East Atlanta Village and then Decatur, I recently moved back in to Lake Claire. I enjoy exploring the city, eating and preparing great food, and sharing my finds with friends.

 I love living in a city that has become so focused on food. I think it has been an amazing transition in our city over the past 20 years from only having one or two great restaurants to being a real hub for original  and gourmet cuisine. There is so much out there to take advantage of from the fantastic ethnic foods available along Buford Hwy and beyond to the fancy food stylings of places like Bacchanalia and Restaurant Eugene. Atlanta is a true food destination.

I also enjoy cooking as much as I love eating at restaurants. Over the past few years I have had the privilege of learning from some of Atlanta's best chefs. One of my favorite Saturday activities is a trip to the farmers market followed by making a great dinner while drinking a good bottle of wine! Slowly I am building my skills and my collection of tools. As these grow, I hope to add more recipes to my posts.