Monday, September 14, 2009

An amazing meal at Abattoir

From the website Abattoir (meaning slaughterhouse in French) is the latest dining venture by chef-owners Anne Quatrano and Clifford Harrison with partner and executive Chef Joshua Hopkins opened on May 21st 2009. Abattoir utilizes locally-raised proteins to produce high-quality, affordable food.

I had the pleasure of first trying this restaurant as a guest of a birthday party for a friend. We ate appetizer style on the back patio. I was impressed with the decor and the staff. Everyone from the front entrance to those clearing plates were helpful and friendly.

At this party, I first tasted the menu item that had me coming back for more, the burger. As my friend described it, the first time she ate it she cried. I would say the same. This is no regular burger. Don't expect the greatness of the ghetto burger, or the Vortex this is something altogether different. The meat is a perfect blend of pork and beef. The patty is thick cut leaving it juicy. The taste is a burger, but distinctively pork. Served on a soft bun and accompanied by homemade pickles and fries, this is worth coming for any day of the week.

For my most recent dinner, I was focused on finding other dishes to offset the richness of the burger (which I knew I had to have). We started with an amazing fennel, watermelon, and ginger salad. The small cubes of ripe watermelon were dressed in shaved fennel and grated ginger. I love salads that do sweet and savory well. This one was delicious. Go quickly before watermelon is out of season. In the fall I plan to head back to try the figs.

We also tried the Lardo. Having had this before I was not surprised to get three crisp bread slices slathered with, yes you guessed it whipped pork fat! This taste is rich and creamy. The chef here off sets some of the richness with pickled onions a perfect combination.

For the second entree we chose the shrimp. I know I was wondering why order shrimp at a place named for a slaughterhouse, but we were not disappointed. The shrimp was served in a lemongrass flavored broth with Napa cabbage, red pepper, and mushrooms. The shrimp were large and tender and the broth made a delicious soup and was great for dipping our fresh bread.

The idea of Abattoir was intimidating at first, a Star Provisions restaurant, right behind Bacchanalia ( which I love) but you will find the prices and the menu much more approachable. The amazing burger only cost $12! As for the rest of the menu, you can meander through several interesting entrees, test your metal on some offal, and snack on a selection of new twists on traditional French, American, and Italian snack foods like roasted chickpeas, pickled cabbage or even homemade beef jerky.

Abattoir has become a new favorite in my book.
1170 Howell Mill Rd NW # 100Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 892-3335

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