Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Travel Post-Tasty Tavel

Most of you know I am headed to France in less than two weeks! Last night I spent some time reviewing our plans for Provence. After spending a day and night in Avignon, we will be renting a car and heading out to explore several small towns in the area. A recent NY Times article inspired me to explore the town of Tavel.

Tavel is only 14 km north of Avignon and touted as the birthplace of Rose wines.
Although I think Rose in the recent past has been overlooked here in the US, this pinkish wine is making a comeback especially as we enter the months of summer. This is not white Zinfandel and not Boone's Farms! Rose is a long standing traditional French wine dating back to when the Pope ruled from Avignon. Tavel along with Chateau Neuf de Pape was home to vineyards charged with creating wine fit for the Pope! Today, in France, the sale of Rose wine outpaces white wine.

Tavel is the epicenter of great Rose. With over 30 wineries, there is plenty to taste and to see. We will be visiting Domaine de la Mordorée to sample some of the wines of the region followed by lunch at L'Auberge de Tavel a cute little hotel and restaurant built in a former school house.

This tiny town of 1,600 will hopefully be a perfect place to dive into small town French culture and sample some amazing food and wine.

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