Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Last Summer Vacation Meal- Comerc 24 Barcelona

Comerc 24 was host to the epic meal of our vacation. Epic in terms of food, and in terms of length. Known for its innovative tapas and its famous chef, Charles Abellan, this restaurant sits tucked off of a side street near the Gothic Quarter.  In the true style of the city we had made our dinner reservations late. 9:45 pm was as late as we could manage after a long day of sightseeing. As we entered the restaurant we were happy to see we were not eating with the early bird special, but rather just on time for the start of the dinner rush. We were seated and presented with a number of dining options for the evening. We centered in on two tasting menus the Festival and the Grande Festival menu offered samplings of tapas at the whim of the chef, with some input (if desired) from the patrons. As the waiter read through the explanation, my ears tuned only to  two words cheese course. Of course this is part of what separated the two tasting menus. My gracious date agreed to fork over the additional Euro needed for the Grand Festival and we were off on our culinary journey of 12 courses of southern Spanish cuisine.

We began with a tasting of four Spanish olive oils with crusty hearty bread. This was followed by gold covered macadamia nuts, olives stuffed with anchovies, and monkfish filets with black garlic and sesame.

Apparently those were only appetizers and not a part of the actual meal! The amazingly beautiful and tasty courses came as follows:

Sancho Oyster with Beet Root Foam
Beach Shrimp chevice with wine and peaches
Marinated sardines with orange and wasabi
Cold infusion of vegetables and cockles
Consume containing poached quail egg and truffles
Razor shell clams with mandarin yakisoba
Tuna Tartar
Artichoke cod and spinach
Field rabbit with rice and asparagus
Palamos prawn on a bed of salt
Sirloin with white sesame
Assorted cheeses
Desserts and chocolates

If you travel to Barcelona and want a unique and memorable experience, try Comcerc 24.

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