Monday, February 14, 2011

A Not So Sweet Valentine's Treat

Anyone who really knows me knows that while I will eat dessert, I will rarely choose something sweet over something savory. Unfortunately my special someone has quite a sweet tooth.  Last week, I came across a great recipe that meets in the middle. The Rosemary Apple Turnovers are sweet and tart, with a  kick of rosemary  and honey which for me transforms a simple apple turnover (something I would not really enjoy) into an upscale and much more interesting dessert option. I would pair it with real vanilla ice cream or for an added twist, maybe the rosemary olive oil ice cream from Morelli's Ice Cream down the street.  Truth be told, I ate one for breakfast this morning too! The recipe was fast, if you use pre-made pastry dough, and ready to go right after dinner. Be careful and measure the amount of rosemary (it has to be fresh). In my first batch it was a little over powering. Round two came out perfectly. Happy Valentine's Day!

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