Friday, March 15, 2013

Inaugural Wine Dinner at the Colonnade

Yes you read the title correctly. The Colonnade hosted a wine dinner and they did it with style. As soon as I saw this event come through my inbox, I jumped at a chance to see their kitchen swing into full scale gourmet action. Chef Ryan Cobb often sticks to the tried and true favorites that have been drawing folks to the restaurant for decades but he also offers specials that showcase his culinary skill on a regular basis. This dinner was a chance for him to pull out all the stops. As I entered the back dining room, a favorite regular waitress handed me a glass of champagne and showed me to my seat. The tables were graced with white linens and fresh flowers (yes this is the Colonnade, it was surreal). I enjoyed my drink and introduced myself to others at the table. Mostly regulars also looking to see what they were up to. They have promised that this will become a more regular thing at the restaurant and also mentioned they are ramping up the cocktail and craft beer selection at the restaurant. We were in for a treat!

 Duck Salad with Oranges

Champagne Sorbet

Tenderloin with Truffle Potatoes

 Apple Panna Cotta

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