Thursday, March 4, 2010

Travel Post-Fabulous French Broad Chocolates

I spent Valentine's Day weekend in Asheville, NC this year and despite the amount of brownies and snacks available in my mom's amazing kitchen, went in search of some chocolate. What is Valentine's Day without that sweet goodness right? I was pleased to try French Broad Chocolates. FBC is a family owned gourmet chocolate company right in the heart of downtown Asheville. They subscribe to the organic local movement and try to produce chocolates using the finest natural ingredients. They offer a great selection of truffles, caramels, desserts, coffees, and chocolate drinks.  I have a sweet tooth, but will always choose something savory over a dessert. These confections were ideal. They offered unique choices of truffles like olive oil, fennel, and sea sat, lavender, orange, and chili. The salt perfectly offsets the sweetness of the smooth chocolate. I sampled an assortment of truffles, and had to pair them with a coffee (delicious french press). For beverages, they offer an array of hot chocolates that can be made from any of the truffle flavors onhand. For the real chocolate lover however,  there is the liquid truffle. This drink seems to be simply melted chocoate, flavorings, and a little milk. It was like sipping a melted chocolate bar. The spicy liquid truffle was like traditional Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon and chili powder, but was a little on the spicy side. The lavender was amazing like a spa day for your mouth. My favorite however was the chai tea hot chocolate. Each drink is served in a cute little handmade clay mug. This is certainly worth a try. It appears more crowded than it really is with a line to initially order, but they have ample space upstairs for larger groups or to get away from the crowd.

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

10 South Lexington Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-4181

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