Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweet Supper Club!

Traveling to France and Paris for the first time, what I eat is almost more important than where I stay or what I see. To that end, I have set out to find some of the best places to eat in each of our cities. I have been scanning guide books, websites, and food blogs all in search of special, but not over the top pricey meals for the trip. Particularly in Paris, finding something special is not a problem, finding something affordable on the otherhand can be. In my hunting, seeral foodie blogs raved about an experience with Hidden Kitchen in Paris. HK is an underground word of mouth dinner club of sorts. Bi-weekly a couple of American chefs host 12-16 people in thier amazing Paris apartment. For more scenes of the Hidden Kitchen fabulous apartment check out Design Sponge. They choose the menu the day of the event based on what is available in the markets that morning. For a donation of 80 E per person you get a 10 course dinner with wine pairings. While 80E isnt exactally in the cheap category it is less expensive by far than most of the nicer restaurants in Paris. I am thinking of it like a cheaper and more personal version of Bacchanalia (which I love) in Atlanta. The catch is that they typically only take a handful of reservations for each night. Most spots are given by invitation to friends of friends etc. So I hear that typically the dinner crowd are couples or singles who are traveling in france or expats living in Paris. What a great way to start off a trip and make some new friends. I also hear the dinners can last up to five hours! After reading about this experience I had to give getting a spot a try. I worked hard to sell my situation, an American making her first trip to Paris! I emailed HK, crossed my fingers and waiting. This morning, my wish was granted. I got the last two spots for the May 23rd dinner, a perfect meal for my first night in Paris! I can't wait to detail each morsel and the people I meet.

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