Friday, December 10, 2010

Update: H. Harper Station

Photo borrowed from Food &Wine
  Last night was cold, and my parents were coming into town for dinner. I decided to take them to H. Harper Station for some warm comfort food, and because its only two streets over from my house!

I started dinner with a fabulous drink, by far the best one I have tried. It was called a Bufala Negra and was made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, basil, brown sugar, balsamic, ginger beer. It was warming, but not heavy and had a wonderfully complex flavor.

My parents started with the relish plate, and I again couldn't resist the deviled eggs or pimento cheese. We also were tempted by the salads. I enjoyed a roasted root vegetable salad with roasted beet, shaved radish, petite lettuce, goat cheese, parsnip chip,  and a roasted carrot vinaigrette. My parents loved the BLT salad which featured amazing blue cheese, pecans, cherry tomatoes and was served on a small half head of lettuce. We commented on how creative and beautiful the presentation was.

Our entrees were even better than my last dishes. My dad had the gumbo which was served in a smooth broth with sausage, mussels, crawfish and okra. The flavor was delicate, unlike most heavy gumbos I have tried. My mom had the Night Trains, mini pulled pork subs served with cole slaw and Zapps chips. I couldn't help myself, it was cold and I had heard how great the Bacon and Eggs Fettuccine was. When it arrived it had a poached egg on top, peas and mustard greens throughout, firm pasta, and great bits of smoky salty pork belly. Although I couldn't hold it all, I am looking forward to having this for lunch today.

Each time I have tried H. Harper Station, the food has been better. I can't wait for my next trip, I am thinking the pimento cheese grilled with tomato soup is sounding good! Sorry for the lack of pictures on this one. More to come.

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